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Our holiday season in pictures

25 Feb

It all starts with the tree!!


Hampton’s class preformed a Christmas special at his school.


Complete with a flute ensemble.


Church family Christmas celebration together.

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I never want to eat pizza again!

30 Jan

Dear friends,

It’s 2:00 Wednesday and I just sat down after a long morning disinfecting the house, for the second time since Sunday.

It all started on Friday, when Hampton came home from school telling about the little girl in his class that was vomiting in the class. Remember those days in school??  And what about that awful red stuff they would sprinkle over it??  yikes!) He said he felt sorry for the little girl, and that it was “gross”. By 9:30 pm I was the one feeling sorry for him, because he was throwing up. And he was absolutely right, IT WAS GROSS! Read the rest of this entry »


December blog team meeting

22 Jan



I worked so hard preparing for this time together. The place, the message, the gifts, everything. In the end, everything was absolutely perfect. Of our 17 writers, 12 were present! 4 were out of the country, only 1 was unable to come and she is a mom of a newborn. Pretty cool! Read the rest of this entry »


new category: “weekly updates”

22 Jan

I go back and forth,  whether I should post here on our blog, update emails I send out personally each week. The email is to a short list of people, each who have personally asked me about specific ways to pray or about personal things going on in our family.

I started writing more responsibly last January and I was pretty faithful all year. Sometimes I feel guilty when I find out about people who want to know more about us (and possibly receive these weekly emails). So today, I’m on the side of posting (of course this is always subject to change 🙂

I have made a new category, here on “Kim’s blog” section of called, “weekly updates”. I’ll post the emails there each week and we’ll see how it goes. If you get the email (via email) it is exactly the same!