I never want to eat pizza again!

30 Jan

Dear friends,

It’s 2:00 Wednesday and I just sat down after a long morning disinfecting the house, for the second time since Sunday.

It all started on Friday, when Hampton came home from school telling about the little girl in his class that was vomiting in the class. Remember those days in school??  And what about that awful red stuff they would sprinkle over it??  yikes!) He said he felt sorry for the little girl, and that it was “gross”. By 9:30 pm I was the one feeling sorry for him, because he was throwing up. And he was absolutely right, IT WAS GROSS!

That boy vomited every 1/2 hour to an hour. He was miserable. It was miserable. I was miserable. And it got worse. Diarrhea came next. (I don’t even like to type that word 🙂

Oh my. Me and that little red head prayed prayed each time his stomach started heaving. His sweet little voice, “please, please not again”. It was the only thing that gave us comfort that night; praying. Finally around 5:30 the next morning, he settled down and there was a pause. We both went to sleep. Saturday was a blur.

Although he was feeling better, he and I stayed in from church on Sunday and I disinfected everything I could (including the 2 of us) and washed sheets and bedding. Had I known that by Sunday evening Me, Samuel and Zac would be sick, maybe I would have saved my strength! Another long night. Did I mention that we had pizza for lunch? I never want to eat pizza again as long as i live.

We survived and I was able to clean and disinfect again today while everyone went back to school. I was a little hesitant to clean again since it has yet to hit the girls. I’m hoping that window has already passed for them.

And those girls. . . they were completely self-sufficient for those 2 days: getting up, getting themselves to school by public transport, getting from school, and meals all on their own (which included shopping). Isn’t funny how in the midst of a really yucky thing, I could be so completely encouraged by my children.

So although I sit here still exhausted, it feels so nice to have everyone healthy and everything clean again (let’s hope this time for a while).

Here are some things coming up for us this week:

Wednesday – Zac has an adult Bible study in the Roma village, in the home of Helenka and Igor.

Friday– eMKo meeting

Friday- Sunday– Zac is teaching during the Lutheran Training school weekend out of town

Monday– Report card day (1/2 year grades) also it is a free day from school!!

Tuesday– Emili leaves on a 4-day skiing trip with her class (we do have a little snow here)

Sorry no pictures for this week, I don’t think they would be ones you would want to see 🙂 (although I did think about how I could creatively take some to capture these moments for you!) Have a great week. and if you haven’t read this yet, take some time to relax and read this, (just click the picture to read the article) it will inspire and encourage you!

Read the article from  here:

with time, space, and dreams,





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  1. Bek

    30 January, 2014 at 1:17 pm

    Kim- I am so sorry you guys got that stomach bug! I love that in the midst of it, you kept a sense of the big picture- praying with Hampton, and recognizing how grown up your girls are. I hope this week everyone stays healthy- and that you can rest and recoop.

    That video was so sweet! Thank you for sharing that!

    Love you!