What’s a mom to do?

22 Mar

All of this is new to me as a mom. High school. Never mind, that my girl learns in her second language and in a country where I don’t know the system much less the language (at least not well enough to know what to expect).

So all this starts me on this journey with a minus. These last 2 years have been a huge learning curve for me,  for us. Starting with the day we went to see a perspective high school last March, and were told it was too late to apply (for the upcoming fall)! This “oversight” delayed her high school a year.
 Then finding out she must take “monitorovy” tests in addition to entrance exams for individual schools.

Hearing the discouragement in her voice as she recounted opinions her teachers (publicly) expressed of her chances to pass these tests with good marks. Foreigner.  Never mind she has lived her 12 years. Seeing her work hard preparing, mostly for herself but also a little to disprove those teachers. Hours of tutoring, hundreds. Trial tests. All the while carrying a full course load.

There isn’t much I can do to help her prepare. I try, but it’s impossibly hard for me to understand anything. I only tell her this foreigner’s mom could not pass a test like this. How this test makes school in the US look ridiculously easy. And if I had to score high enough on the SAT to place in the top 130, I would not have gone to high school. Truth. I wonder if she believes me, or if she thinks I’m just trying to make it better?

Is it enough to say:

This is our life.

God has put us here and we are satisfied.

He is a good God and has good things for you.

He loves you and knows the plans he has for you, plans to prosper you.

Trust Him.

It is enough for this 15 year old mom, but what about her?

And that day when she went for the first of tests and I walked the halls and prayed for strength. For remembering all things learned. For His peace and His presence to fill her. That it would be enough for her too. It is all I could do.

And just Maybe this isn’t  about her fears,  but mine. And calling on God AGAIN to bless this girl. It’s all I could do. It’s all I have. I have no power, no alternate plan, no great idea. Just prayers. And reading HIS words,  reminders that He cares. Even about this. And He met ME there and gave ME peace and ME comfort and ME His presence.

And that morning, those hours that passed like minutes, and it was me that was blessed.

Here is one of the songs He gave me that morning.






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