remembering. . . meditating. . . telling. . .

12 Nov

I don’t know if you’ve ever had this feeling:  The feeling when you know the Lord is showing you something. speaking to you.

right now for me, it is how the same theme/idea keeps coming up over and over in my everyday living. in different circumstances. from different people. different books. different scripture. and yet all saying the SAME thing. all pointing me to the same theme/idea. that’s when I know it’s God.

it is exciting, and overwhelming, and causes some anxiety and nervousness. because I want to understand it all, 100% percent,  RIGHT NOW. I want to “get it” and get it “right”, RIGHT NOW! funny how it  usually never comes like that 🙂

so i wait. and while i wait. i read his word. i pray for understanding. i mediate on those words (from His word). Lots of words from Psalms: “remembering” and “meditating” and “telling” and then other words from 1 Peter about “suffering” and “joy in suffering”.

and although I do feel a bit overloaded or overwhelmed by all the “words”. it’s a good overload. an overload that causes excitement for what he is doing. what he is bringing about in me and for what it is going to look like when i finally “get it”.



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