Emili, Paris and a Mom

26 Oct

Paris, beautiful Paris. City of love. Funny I didn’t have any of these thoughts when my first born, MY 14 year old girl, headed to Paris last week.  Nope,  it was “Hollywood Paris” I thought of. “Taken” Paris. The “6th annual european anti human trafficking paris“. Yep,  Fears. Funny how my complete view if Paris changed. Panic. At times desperate.  And for me, what did the Lord teach me through this? In addition to fervently praying for my own girl, and turning my own fears over to Him, He gave me a new burden. Prayer for these girls. These girls who are  SOMEONE’S  daughters. These 1.2 million children who are trafficked EVERY year right here in Europe.

And Emili made it back from Paris. Not surprising, she had a great time. She WAS safe. She WASN’T taken, or mugged, or hurt. All the fears I fought against. Nothing. Thank you Lord.

She visited and got to see many historic places and cultural things in this busy European city. She practiced her French, learned more French, exposed to more French. She experienced Disney Paris, and even came home with some feeling of confirmation to attend the French high school in Zilina for next year. Really really great experience.

But these are not the best things that happened while Emili was in Paris. The best thing is when one of the girls she was touring around with  asked her about the ring she wears. A purity ring. Without reservations Emili explained the ring. Another question,  another girl:  “why, why would you want to wait for marriage to have sex?”  Again, Emili explained,   she is a Christian. The girls listened and one final question:  “so how do you become a Christian?” And there is my girl, in Paris, explaining the Gospel.


What joy i have in both hearing and telling this story.   Joy,  not from some satisfaction that I’ve done something right.  But overwhelming joy because my girl has a passion for Him. A passion for the lost. The lost in Slovakia. Thank you God for my girl. Keep filling her with YOUR spirit. Keep giving her passion and boldness.


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  1. Michele Peek

    29 October, 2012 at 1:41 am

    ‘Wish someone would make this story into a movie 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing it…so beautifully, Kim…..

    What a Mighty God we serve!!!

  2. Heidi

    3 November, 2012 at 4:28 pm

    Beautiful Emili living life to the fullest.
    Beautiful purity, worthy of waiting for.
    Beautiful mom, allowing her daughter to experience the world, and praying for daughters of other mothers…

    Beautiful Paris…a catalyst for more of God’s goodness.

    love you