Exit Tour – A little update

17 Oct

We are middle way through the second week with Zac gone on Exit tour. Thank you for your all your prayers. We are doing well. Of course it’s not without road bumps, but that is always to be expected when great things are going on for the Lord! The Exit tour is having record responses, so much, I needed to write a separate post to report that here. Please continue to pray as they finish up their second week, now in Poprad.













Emili-  made it perfect on her train last week! It was a bit of an eye opener for her. She was very confident about her upcoming trip, right up until she stepped into the train station, Friday afternoon, full of students trying to get home for the weekend! I could see it in her eyes, never mind the repetitive questions: “what train am i going on?” ” how will i know when to change?” She did great, despite her nervousness and made it without problems.  She spent the weekend with Zac and the youth group in Presov and loved every minute.

Today she is off again!  This time to Paris on a school trip with her French class (13 hours by bus).  As I drove her to the school this morning she smirked at me and said, “what kind of high schooler gets to go to Paris on a school trip?”  “I’ve never even been to Paris!” was my only reply. Despite my “happy face” I really was screaming on the inside, fighting everything in me not to give her a last minute quiz her on all the different “what would you do if. . . ”

Instead, I saved all that for my time with the Lord! I can not choose to fear about this. Even at 2:30 am the eve before she leaves. I have to give it (her) to the Lord. He is a BIG God. What were the verses we just read at dinner from the Daily Light? ” Yours, O Lord is the greatness and the power and the glory and the majesty and the splendor, for everything in heaven and earth is yours.” I find peace. Now, is the time to trust.

I had planned to take a nice picture of her on the bus, with her teachers and school mates for a nice visual intro for today. Too bad I didn’t remember about the picture (too many other things swimming in my head). I’ll try to get one when they return on Sunday!

eMKo– (youth outreach meeting of our church) will meet again this week, on Friday. Two weeks ago was the first meeting of the school year and we had a record number of students attend.  All the old returned plus several more new. In all we had around 16 or so (I didn’t even count, i was too busy trying to keep up with all of them!) We continue to be excited about the opportunity to share Jesus with these middle schoolers. Gwyneth is particularly excited about one of her classmates that shared with her how she prayed for Jesus to be her Savior after one of the meetings last school year!




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  1. Deborah McFadden

    17 October, 2012 at 8:31 pm

    So good to hear from you.
    I have it in my mind and heart to call you and everytime I think of it, it is about 11 p.m. or 3 am. your time.

    I am so encouraged by your writings. You give me such strength to face my day, when your life has so many challenges. I don’t know how people face these times without God. He is such a comfort. Thank-you Kim for sharing your life with us. We love you all and you are in our thoughts and prayers. Deborah for all the McFaddens