A reason to celebrate!

14 Jun

Yesterday morning we all got to get up and celebrate this happy face! What a joy Hampton Grey has been to our family for the last 5 years! and what a joy it was for me, the mom, to see his siblings celebrating him!

What is it about the last child that sparks love in everyone. It’s unusual. Infectious. I find myself pondering if we had more kids would he still be THIS loved. If he wasn’t the baby? Is that why everyone, even his big brother, tackles him down and tickles him until he cries, happy tears. No matter the reason, he is deeply loved in this household, there is no question about this.

And so everyone was anxious to have a part in the prince’s birthday party!  Sam was in charge of the games, Emili the crafts, Gwyneth the decorations. Mom and Pop prepared the food. Everyone helped everyone, everyone celebrated, everyone was full of joy. The girls helped to make

sure that the parents understood my broken Slovak 🙂 and translated to the little guests as well. It was a great day. There was so much laughing and giggling it made my heart smile. And As we all cleaned up together, we laughed at how the little girls liked Sam so much that they sat in his lap!

Exhausted and legs aching, I tucked the little prince into his bed at night. Sleep came so quickly. Quietness. Peacefulness. What a blessing these children are to us. The Lord was not mistaken when he said in Psalm 127:5, “Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.” Thank you Lord for these precious gifts you have put under our care We are indeed blessed.

God was faithful to bring me through this first birthday celebration. I have been sick and was certain I would not be able to pull it off. Thank goodness I didn’t have to do it in my own strength. The Lord was faithful to me. Many times during the day yesterday, through the last minute craft, cake and food details, i was praying, quoting scripture, meditating on the worship music, quietly begging Jesus to give me peace, self-control, love.

I anticipated the day would be stressful and so I knew the importance to get first things first and get my fill of the Lord before it even began. I read His word,  thankful for the scripture that seemed to speak just to me, just for my today. I printed out verses and posted them in the kitchen as a constant reminder. Thank you Lord for your words that speak to us and change us and make us into who we need to be.

More things to pray for this week:

SK women’s conference– starts today (friday). I will be speaking on Saturday  two sessions. I have been preparing several weeks now, and I feel good about the message God has given me. I am speaking again on a Bible study: 5 Aspects of Woman by Barbara Mouser. I am asking the Lord to move in the hearts of these women. That the message will be from Him. That it will not be only information given but opportunity to make change.

Emili’s school: We need to make a decision and sign her to a school for next year. After the meeting last Friday at the City School Office, we learned that is is not possible for her to attend one of the bi-lingual schools starting this septemeber. It is too late. 800 students apply each year (in January) to fill the 100 openings. For 2012 all the spots have been filled and officially signed. It is unchangeable. We can try for one of the spots this January for 2013. We know the Lord already knew this and we are thankful for His leading. Now we must decide if she will continue her last year at her present school or change to a “evangelical private” school in the next town. The second, would mean a 30m train ride each day to and from school.

Sickness: Zac and the boys are battling sicknesses this week. Sam has missed most this week of school. Zac is on the edge, Hampton is fighting it off (hopefully) and I am recovering finally from being down several days.

eMKo: tonight is another meeting here at our house for the middle school group. We have 10+ coming regularly, almost all non-churched kids. We are praying that as they hear the gospel, they will understand their need for Jesus and boldness to make the needed decision.

Thank you for praying with us!


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