Found by your father

11 May

Last week in the Czech Republic, at our annual missionary family conference, we learned how our relationship with our earthly fathers make us into the people we are today. Good and bad. No father is perfect. Even the best are not without sin. All but one. Our heavenly Father. The conference was titled “Found by your Father”.

Now I’m back home, sitting in the bleachers watching my son play his first floorball competition. And I’m pondering the things we learned. I wonder about the influence his father has already had on him during his eight short years. What is we are doing (or not doing) that makes him (Sam) afraid to play in this competition. He has told me about his fears. He doesn’t want to disappoint his team. He doesn’t think he is a very good player.

I k20120511-161927.jpgnow I consciously praise him in floorball. I hear his father praising him as well. What on earth has shaped this young boy’s thinking and tricked him into believing such lies?

I ponder. I pray. And here he is today. Dressed in his uniform waiting his turn to go out in the court. Of course he is scared. Of course his heart is pounding. Of course his palms are sweating waiting for the coach to call his name.

And then I find myself being the mom that sits on the side yelling for her boy. Never mind I’m speaking English while everyone else stares at me. I am a mom. A proud mom. Full of joy as she witnesses her son fight his fears.

Thank you God for this boy of mine. Thank you for his kind heart. Thank you for his sensitive spirit. Give me and his father wisdom as we parent him and teach him in yours ways. Make him strong in his faith and strong in his dependence on you his heavenly father.

And if you see fit… maybe a goal here and there along the way! 🙂



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