Warming up!

02 May

This morning I’m sitting in a room listening to Gwyneth warm up her voice for her competition this morning!

This time we drove so there would be no chance to miss the bus (like last time)! Gwyneth was however still nervous about making it on time, until we arrived!

I love that she wants me here with her. I wouldn’t want to miss this experience.

But today is also special for another reason. It is the first day of the long awaited Josiah Venture Spring missionary family conference. There are always good things in store at this conference for our whole family.

Our friends from Croatia were able to come a few days early to be with us before the conference starts, along with another 2 friends from Poland! We have a full house for sure. Everyone is content. Even the moms got a solid block of time together yesterday just for talking (and praying)! An additional 7 more people from Slovenia came for the afternoon to visit and dinner!
Everything was going quite smoothly up until I took the meat from oven that had been cooking for several hours (pulled pork). Despite the long hours of baking, it was still not done! At that moment my heart panicked ” what went wrong?. . .I’ve made this many times before”, and worse, “now what can possibly feed all these hungry people at a moments notice?” it was such a helpless feeling . Mentally i surveyed the pantry and knew, being the day before we left home for a week, groceries were low. However serving uncooked pork was not an option!
Thankfully the answer came quick! We chopped the meat (all 7 pounds) and sautéed it bit by bit until it was all done. Whew. That was a close one. One we laughed about later and all agreed what a good blog entry it would make!




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  1. Leslie

    8 May, 2012 at 8:48 pm

    Go Gweneth!!!!! Beautiful! Where did you get those Genes?