Exit tour and other things

26 Apr

This week it’s just me and the kids at home. Zac is away for the week to Banská Bystrica (1.5 hours away) participating in Exit tour. Since most of you won’t know what Exit Tour is, I wrote this post about it:

In addition to Exit tour there are a few other things on my plate I could really use help praying for:

Hampton’s Visa: I will need to return to the foreign police this week and report Hampton’s new passport. Since his visa has lapsed there could be complications. However, since he is a small child, it is our understanding they could equally choose to NOT make it complicated. We are definitely praying for NO complications!

Emili’s school: Now is the time of year for students finishing 8th class to decide which high school they will attend for the fall. This is really an education for us, learning all the rules/laws and which schools are a possibility. It really seems to be more equivalent to when i went to college:( Somehow I really believe that if I grew up in slovakia I would not get accepted to High School! (i’m not joking, it’s very difficult) There are entrance exams, deadlines, specialized schools (“majors”), so much to learn.

Then since Emili holds a US passport, it seems the laws are a bit different for her. This process has helped us to see more clearly Emili’s needs. Although she LOVED homeschooling and declares even now that she learned more when she was homeschooling, she prefers the class-room atmosphere. With that said, she is certain that she does not want to continue in the present school she is attending for various reasons (mainly the students in her class). I am trying to make some appointments to check out some possible schools. It is slow going, but I am confident the Lord is leading us.

EMKO Friday– This friday will be the next meeting for our church’s middle school group (EMKO). We plan to have a review and a decision time from the past week’s Bible lessons. Today in Sam’s class we invited some of his classmates and sent informational emails to their parents.

Slovak Lessons Friday– We have added an additional weekly meeting to our slovak language learning. Starting this Friday we will meet weekly. We hope to speak much better Slovak.

Nitra trip– Last weekend we had 2 beautiful girls (actually sisters) here with us for Sunday. They both were saved while in the US as exchange students to an Arkansas Highschool! (i know, what a coincidence right? Ha!) They attended the school here in our city where I teach and that is how I meet them. They happened to be in our city this past weekend and joined us at our church for Sunday and for lunch at our house in the afternoon. They invited me to their house for a visit I’m am considering a trip to see them this Saturday-Sunday. My heart hurts for them and I want to encourage them as I see them walking so strongly in their faith. They need a church family, they need someone to disciple them. I am asking God to lead us to the right person who can walk with these sisters. Their city, Nitra, is about 2 hours away from our city.20120427-074953.jpg

Our Jay-ko– Many of you know our dear dear friend Jay (we call him Jay-ko). We spoke of him so often when we were in the US. He is presently away from Slovakia attending Bible College in Denmark, but returned home for the weekend for a family wedding. He came to see us! It had been over 1 year since we last saw him. It was a short, but very loud, lots of laughing and playing and visiting! We love him so much and are so proud of him.

Today is a BEAUTIFUL day! Thank you Lord for the sunshine, warmer days, and blossoms on the cherry trees!





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