Peace, peace, peace

22 Mar

I am praying and focusing on peace this week (without anxiety) as we step into a very busy several weeks.

Friday is Gwyneth’s first singing competition since we returned to Slovakia. Her teacher asked me to drive them to the competition, but with only 1 car, its just not possible for me to be gone all day (6,30 am until 5 pm). So, I said I could not drive. My head is full of thoughts: Will her teacher be mad at me? Is Gwyneth disappointed that I cannot go? Should I go anyway (by bus)?

Saturday is Emili’s birthday and we will celebrate with a party for her on Saturday morning. I am trying to complete all the necessary tasks to make that happen BEFORE the welcome party begins on Saturday afternoon for the new family that has just arrived in Slovakia from the US.

The weekend also signals the start of final preparations for the annual KPM conference. We will be heavily involved in the setup and production and also house many guests during this time.  All of this busyness gives littler preparation for EASTER the following weekend!

We are still waiting on several things to be finished in the house: shower door attached (to make the shower functional), girls’ room loft bed installed and mattress made for emili’s bed, new fuses put in the electrical box so I can use more than 1 appliance at a time, not to mention all the boxes needing to be unpacked and finding homes for the contents 🙂

These are just lists of things that threaten to distract me and keep my focus from what is important. That is way I must pray for peace, without anxiety. God is teaching me to do this, I believe. I can feel His presence keeping me calm. I love the verse sam wrote and is hanging on his wall: “I have calmed and quieted myself” Psalm 131:2. I am praying this often these days!

I hesitate to even write all these things, I dont’ want to give the wrong impressions. I don’t want any sympathy, I’m not looking for pity, I am not any kind of superwoman. I just want to communicate what life is like for me right now and how you can help me pray through these next several weeks. I am not down, I don’t feel defeated or weak. I rejoice in the place God has me know. I rejoice with all the unpacked boxes. I rejoice with the shower having no door. I rejoice with no finished bed for the girls with guests coming. I rejoice when the oven goes off during cooking (really? can I say that?) I rejoice with a birthday party to plan.  I do, I rejoice in it all. I can really honestly say that. . . .today. I can say it today. Tomorrow may be different 🙂

and just a few notes to keep up with the family:

Emili: made a 3 (C) on her Slovak test this week, which is an improvement from a 5 (F). Still she is discouraged at times. We had a GREAT talk a few nights ago about how the devil is like a lion lurking about seeking to devour. I told her i thought he was preying on her that night! She was so down. We prayed it out.

Gwyneth: her concert was AMAZING. I have been trying to upload video, but without success (i have to get it small enough-the sever isn’t accepting the size)

Sam: 🙂 I just smile when I think of him. He is so easy, no complaints; has an incredible laugh. I love to hear it And I do, often!

Hampton: This was our conversation yesterday at school, Mom: Hampton, how was school? H: “boring. I’m not ever going to school again.”  No tears, just complaints. In the afternoon later that same day,  H: “why did you pick me up from school so early, i’m so bored here at home.” Tomorrow is Friday and I do not teach.  So I think I will keep him home with me. Let’s see what a 4 day week will do for his disposition!

Kim and Zac: had our first Slovak class on Saturday for 8 hours! It was a sacrifice to go (with all the house work in front of us). It was good! Got to share our faith with 2 people! Can’t complain with that; again we rejoice!





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  1. Michele Peek

    22 March, 2012 at 2:43 pm

    Praying for you and the family, Kim. This verse came to mind,

    But He said to me, “My Grace is sufficient for you, for My Power is made Perfect in weakness.” 2 Cor. 12:9

    Thanks so much for taking time to share with us.