February 1, 2012

01 Feb

I’m writing today, Wednesday, thinking of you and how you pray for us so faithfully. Today i have some things on my heart and mind and would like to share them with you:

1) Tutor for Emili– I got a good lead yesterday for someone who can help Emili with Slovak language. She (Emili) is still upbeat about school and is wanting to find someone who can help her. This person is a new teacher at our school. Although she is teacher of German language, she has her degree for Slovak language as well. Since she is only part-time teacher, she has more time to give to extra teaching like this. I was at school today, but wasn’t able to find her and ask her about this possibility.  As for school for Emili, it is different each day. For example, yesterday she came home and said, “mom, I think i need to go back to home schooling for math. I didn’t understand anything the whole hour”. However today, she was completely opposite, ” i understood everything, and did the whole worksheet front and back with out mistakes”! Today the worksheet was in English. So i really believe this extra tutoring is all she needs.

2). Hampton– like emili his days fluctuate between loving school and hating it! Every day is different! I am praying and asking God for wisdom with him and how much i need to “make” him go. Presently, he is going everyday from 8,00 until 12, with swimming on Tuesdays!

3). Ladies’ Bible Study– I had my first meeting last Friday night with the 5 ladies who will attend the bible study. We spent time praying for one another and discussing what each week will look like. since the study is in English and most of the women are not so proficient in English, we decided to meet every 2nd Friday to give them more time to do the “week study” (so 2 weeks to do 1 week). In the off weeks, i will continue to meet with 1 of the ladies, most fluent in English, and we will work on translating the material for the upcoming week- to make sure that there is full understanding. I have to say how already this study is giving me so much joy! From the first day’s study the teaching was about posturing ourselves before God in reverence and and fear, like the boy Samuel. Showing obedience to God, like Samuel, even when we don’t have all the details, situation, and have questions. Just obey. LIke a child, we must come to God.

4) House– The house is still not ready. The floors are being finished as well as the bathrooms. Then a huge clean up must be made before painting each room. So at least 1 more week. Tomorrow we meet again to discuss the kitchen  options. We must decide if we will move before the kitchen is finished. Currently, it is a empty room. No cabinets, appliances, etc;  only floors.
We faced some problems with the how the contract will be worded. For us it was an issue of integrity and honestly and we are not able to sign it in the words it was written. Although we completely can empathize with the position of the owner, and would not wish him to pay more tax than what is necessary, it is a difficult situation. We are praying for wisdom in how to deal with this.

5) Church- Our church continues to meet every week. We have experienced a real strength from them since our return, and feel it is stronger than ever. We are so encouraged. Since our numbers are steady at about 45 people each week (30 adults and 15 children) we are finding it difficult to meet in homes. When I say “home” think Slovak, 1-2 room flat (not house). You can imagine how packed it is! So great to all be together in this way. We are actively looking for a space to rent each week.

I’ve been working on this email all day 🙂 It’s 10 pm now and I will wrap it up and send it on to you! Have a great evening together and thank you for all your prayers!


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